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    I purchased the CSS editor option just to make a few font and color changes and I’m already running into a problem.

    I want to modify the look of the template “MistyLook” so I pasted the CSS into the editor window and hit preview. Everything looks fine except all the header images are missing.

    Any ideas?



    Is the path of your header images correct?
    (i.e. http://koolaidantidote.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/cropped-header2.jpg)


    Thanks devblog – I should have looked at the source.

    Now here’s another similar question: How can I map to the RSS “img/icon_feed.gif”?

    Is there a WordPress read me file somewhere about image directories?



    I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean with ‘mapping’ the RSS image. Can you please rephrase your question?


    A directory path to images.

    I guess I just assumed certain images on WordPress were globally available. Do I need to host any images (except for the header image) that appear in my template?



    Yes, if you want your blog to have custom images, you need to host them[*]. Now, if you want to use a RSS image from, let’s say feedburner, you don’t need to; they give you the HTML code with the path to the image in their servers.

    [*]With this I mean you can upload those images to your blog like you did with the header image.



    devblog, I suppose I just upload images in the same way I upload via the “write” interface. And then look a the source and use the same path eh?



    That’s correct.

    One thing, though, I don’t know if you’re aware of this but, last time I checked, there’s a caching problem (to me is a bug) when uploading images to your wp account. If you upload mypicture.jpg and for whatever reason you want to replace it, you’d need to upload your new image as mypicture1.jpg because if you upload it as ‘mypicture.jpg’ it won’t replace the previous one. Also, if you delete it from your dashboard, although you won’t see it in your image list, the image will still exist on their servers and will still be displayed. This behavior has been reported but I don’t know if something’s been done about it.



    Thanks devblog.

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