CSS Editor stripping out elements when saved

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    I’m trying to add Typekit elements properly in my “h1” tags. I properly add { font-family: “raleway-1″,”raleway-2”, sans-serif; } and it previews fine, but when saved the CSS editor strips out all quotation marks therefore causing the failover font.

    Also, it strips out any of the “hidden” comments and titles which I use (anything like /* GENERAL TAGS FOR CONTENT, MOSTLY */ )

    How can I make it stop doing this!?

    The blog I need help with is ediblecomplex.wordpress.com.


    UPDATE: It appears that it DOES infact work when viewed in Firefox & Chrome, but not Safari.

    Consider this closed. Thanks!


    Use the typekit system to assign the fonts by providing the selectors for the fonts you want to change rather than putting them into the CSS. Also, the quote marks are only needed around font names that have a space in them such as “Times New Roman”. That is why the quotes are being stripped out.

    Yes, it strips out all comments from the CSS to keep them as compact and fast reading as possible.

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