CSS external style sheet question & a few others

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    I’m familiar with using internal CSS style sheets and using hidden div styles. I’m a little lost when it comes to using an external CSS file and cannot seem to find the answer to my question anywhere…
    In all of the documents/tutorials I’m reading about external CSS they speak to creating and saving a file as “style.css” in the same directory as my HTML page. That’s where I’m lost. Where on wordpress.com in the custom editing can I store these files? Do I upload them in the media library and link to them in there? Or is there a specific place I should be uploading them? Or will I need to continue using an internal CSS?

    My next question deals with using secondary pages, I’m setting up this website for my business and want multiple pages for things like: gallery, contact us, specials etc. How do I deal with creating the secondary pages? I know how to anchor the pages on a regular blog from wordpress but if I’m creating my CSS from scratch how do I create these secondary pages?

    Should I be considering using something other than wordpress for my website? (If so, do you have any suggestions on a good host where I can create my site from scratch opposed to dealing with a “creator”?)



    Where on wordpress.com in the custom editing can I store these files?

    It works a bit differently on WordPress.com. Check out this help page to learn more about how CSS on WordPress.com works:

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