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  1. You may have noticed that there is a limited selection of fonts available with CSS custom design. You may also have been frustrated when the elegant font you choose for your titles is not available for the body of a page or post.

    Here is a technical article (with screen shots of the code in the CSS editor) that I posted on my blog where I discuss the situation, and call on WP to change the way its preprocessor works in this particular case. Anyone agree with me?

    I welcome any comments, or any remarks that point out if and where my article is incorrect technically. Any workaround suggestions would also be extremely welcome.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I found a solution and closed the topic.

  3. What was the solution?

  4. I will show it later this evening EST after I attend a business seminar. Will write a small tutorial page with a link so everyone can see the code and comment on how to improve.

  5. Thanks, in advance.

  6. you are most welcome.

    as promised, here is the write-up.

    any technical feedback would be most welcome.

  7. the link disappeared. let us try this again

  8. i give up
    here is the link in plain text

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