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    I would love some help with my blog: http://bearriverhomestead.wordpress.com/

    Is there any way to change the color of the dots that appear next to the entries under, Recent Posts, Archives, and Blogroll?

    I can’t seem to find where it is located in the code. I guess i am not sure what they are called.

    Thank you!



    By dot is it possible that you are referring to “bullets” visible in your sidebar widgets entries created in non-numbered lists like this?

    <li> title one</li>
    <li> title two</li>


    Thanks Devblog!
    I’ve been able to chance a lot since reading these forums. It’s been a great help.
    There are three things I still cannot change:
    1. The ‘hover’ color for the text ‘1 month ago’ in my twitter widget.
    2. The color of the email subscription button.
    3. Text in the footer. I wish to add a line and URL link to the footer. I’ve read that I can only do this by editing the .php files – is this true? I’ve tried using the ‘text’ widgets but they are not displaying.

    My blog can be found here: http://detailsoftheleft.com/
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me – again!


    Yes. That is what I am referring to. Is it possible to change the color or get rid of them altogether?



    Yes. That is what I am referring to. Is it possible to change the color or get rid of them altogether?

    Thanks again!




    It seems you copied the whole CSS in the CSS Editor, that is not recommended. Read this for more details:


    IF you know what changes you did, I would strongly recommend you to just leave those in the Editor.

    For your tweeter link use this code:

    .col-right .tweets a:hover {color: YOUR-COLOR-HERE !important;}

    For the button use this (the change will be visible in browsers that support attribute selectors):

    .col-right #subscribe-blog input[type="submit"] {
    background: YOUR-COLOR-HERE;
    border: solid 1px YOUR-COLOR-HERE;
    color: YOUR-COLOR-HERE;

    3) Yes it’s true. Add a text widget and let me see what I can do. Just tell me which one it is so that I know what to look for when I go to your blog.


    Devblog, thanks again!
    The text I would like is: Logo design by Fiona McKerrell.
    The name would be underlined and linked to: http://fionamckerrell.com/
    I’ve inserted the text widget in ‘Footer 1’.

    I would like this text to replace the ‘Blog at WordPress.com’. The other existing text can stay in the footer.

    Thanks again! Al


    Hi Dev blog/bloggers,
    I think I’ve been able to work out the footer. I’ve been playing with the extended footer properties after reading through the page source (html) code.
    The extended footer was display property was set to ‘none’. If I have any more issues I’ll post here. Thanks again for your help.


    On second thought devblog, please have a look at the footer widget. It would be handy to have. The text widget is still located in ‘Footer 1’.





    I don’t see the text-widget… I didn’t know you could add one to the footer in this theme. Would you add it to the sidebar instead?

    Also, it’s not recommended to remove credits (in this case “Blog at WordPress.com because, after all, that’s what’s powering your blog); however, if you still want to do it, I’ll see what I can do whenever I have a chance.


    i’m going to bank on the saying that “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask” being true…

    my blog – http://faerwear.wordpress.com

    i just switched to the Bueno theme and uploaded a custom header – i also deleted the blog title text so nothing shows up, since that’s in the header… do i also have to pay for and edit my CSS in order to get rid of all the “white space” where the blog title text used to be? because on my tiny laptop, all i can see is that white space, home/about/rss and my header image – everything else is “below the fold”… which, ya know, ain’t so spiffy.


    Hi Devblog. Widget added as requested!
    Thanks again mate.


    Hi Devblog. Widget added as requested!
    Thanks again mate.



    I now see the footer widget. You can remove the sidebar widget.

    Since you’re hiding the actual footer and added the credit links in text widgets, I’m assuming you want those links displayed horizontally, am I correct?

    Again, consider cleaning your CSS up and leave ONLY your changes in the editor. Like the article I linked you to says, one of the advantages of that is that it’ll help you to keep track of your changes.

    Also, if you’re hiding an element it is really unnecessary to have other properties in the selector definition. Take “#footer” for example; instead of this:

    #footer {
    font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
    padding:20px 0;

    This should suffice:

    #footer {

    Hey devblog,
    Yes, once i’m happy with my layout (it looks like it will be soon!) I’ll clean up my CSS code. I’m much more confident editing it now and much more aware of what I’ve edited and what I haven’t. I’ve even been playing around with the ‘position’ element and moving parts of the layout around to great effect.

    You are correct in saying I’d like to display the links horizontally. Can you please assist me with this? I’ve noticed the #extended-header is broken up into 3 columns. Is it a matter of removing column 2 and 3 and extending column 1? How can I do this?

    I thank you again in advance!



    It seems that many of us are having the same issue. I’ve also just started my blog and I’m having issues changing the title font. Can someone please advise me on what to do? I’ve read the responses and have cut and past some links, but I am still not having any luck changing the font.

    Thank you,




    I figured it out! Thank you DevBlog! Finally….





    I was going to work on your footer’s code but I see you got it figured out. I’ll assume this ‘case’ is closed.


    Hey Devblog,
    Yeah, sorted it out. Thanks mate. The only problem now is the black footer will not sit at the bottom of the page. It seems to float about 20px-50px from the bottom. Is it a padding issue?
    Any help on this would be appreciated!



    Hey, just looking for some help in Bueno! I was wondering if anyone knew what code I could input that would make my sidebar headers a different font? I am trying to change them from the original font to Learning Curve. I thought that I had it figured out but now the subtexts under the sidebar headers are the Learning Curve font- I hope that I am explaining this correctly. Also, is there a way that I can keep the Learning Curve font as my header throughout the entire blog? Whenever I click on a menu button at the top that I have created, the font jumps back to the original chunky font.. I want to keep it the same throughout the entire blog?! Hope someone can help. Let me know if i need to reword this in any way. Sorry I am a new blogger and am trying to learn the ropes of CSS. Anything helps!


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