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    I created my header image exactly the size specified by the Quintus Theme – 1100 by 250 px. For some reason the image keeps appearing stretched in people’s browsers – is there some kind of css code to keep the image from stretching like this? If someone has ideas please help!

    The blog I need help with is oceansidehospice.com.


    I’m seeing no distortion in Safari or Firefox. Do you happen to know what browser the people are using that displays it stretched?


    Thanks for getting to this! It is very frustrating. The problem seems to be mainly with Internet explorer – but quite a few people have told me that the image distorts so I don’t know what to do!


    Internet Explorer has some issues with some types of image sizing parameters, but from looking at the CSS for the blog header, I don’t see anything that should cause distortion.

    This is a wild “pie-in-the-sky” guess, but add this to the bottom of your custom CSS and then see if you can get someone with IE to take a look.

    Also, wordpress no longer supports IE7 and earlier, so if the people are using 7 or 6, that is likely the issue and it would be good to encourage them to upgrade to a more modern browser. IE6 and 7 are being left behind by web development at an astonishing pace and web designers don’t even try to stay compatible with them anymore since their market share is under 1% of total browser use.


    Oops, forgot the CSS:

    .blog-header {
    display: block;

    Thanks for the information – I think you are right about our browsers being outdated. I will pass it along and hopefully get peeps off my back about it! You are my superhero today!

    Michelle :-)


    You are welcome Michelle.

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