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    I just purchased the customize upgrade and I want to access the css stylesheets so I can get rid of one item in the original stylesheet (the menu copy over the header) and I want to add a slideshow using the shortcode plus I want to add buttons (boxes at the top of the post, just beneath the header, but I can’t find an access to the original CSS stylesheet. Could you please help?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is chuncommunity.wordpress.com.


    CSS is a styling document used by the browsers to position and style the elements of a web page. CSS cannot be used to add functionality.

    To get rid of the upper menu, go to appearance > menu, create a blank menu with nothing in it, save it, and then assign that menu to the “top” menu location in the theme locations module at upper left and click save and the top menu will disappear.

    Slideshows are added in either pages or posts using the slideshow shortcode. http://en.support.wordpress.com/slideshows/ . You do not put that into the CSS.

    Buttons can be added on a post by post and page by page basis if you need to link them to something, but since HTML cannot be used in CSS, you cannot create linked buttons in CSS. Can you explain a little more what you want to do here so we can see if we can help you get where you want to go?


    This will also give you a little more on the slideshows and how to implement them.



    Okay, that’s helpful, thank you. But my primary problem is that I can’t even access the CSS stylesheet. According to the tutorial, there should be a link to the Scrollider Express CSS Stylesheet so I can get in and make changes, but under Appearance, there is no link to CSS editing. Is there an issue with Scrollider? I need to get in there today to begin making changes and I can’t until I can access that initial stylesheet.

    Please help.

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    Does this help you? Where is the theme CSS and how do I edit it?

    If it doesn’t note read-access to the premium themes forum is now open to all users so you can search to see if your question has been previously asked and answered there. The premium theme forums are at http://premium-themes.forums.wordpress.com/ with separate sections for each theme. http://premium-themes.forums.wordpress.com/forum/scrollider-express

    If you are not successful when searching there is a link for the specific Premium Theme support forum for your theme under Appearance -> Themes in your blog’s Dashboard, but do note that the premium theme must be active and you must be signed in as the user who purchased it in order to see it and post to it.


    CSS is now done under appearance > custom design in the dashboard.

    How to view the existing stylesheet is covered in the first link Timethief gives, but Scrollider is a premium theme and I don’t know whether it will be available in the svn Automattic site.

    One of the problems is that CSS can now be in as many as 5 or 6 different CSS files. The best solution is to use the web inspector/developer feature in your browser (IE inspector has to be downloaded and installed). That allows you to find the selectors and you can then see the CSS for the different elements. See here for a little more on the developer tools in browsers: http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/editing-css/#css-help .


    This is the main CSS stylesheet for Scrollider: http://s1.wp.com/_static/??-eJydjt0OgjAMRl/I2RgU44XxWXDMMejosnZB397ChZKQeOFdf77TU5iSsTSKGwViMQmLDyMDhsEx9E5SYwezdHvLvINV/I7kvwB571oqYh6ESBNMofVONtDKwR1lsdSqSFPAGLTsaDKfxS86EasLm5CB5YXbrHQu6umUXQwlAtusj6kiG/fU4Wz8k5u/XVIze4vXQ1XX52N1qi79Gx8Lfsg= .


    Shoot, it broke the link. Here it is again.



    Sacredpath, thank you, I was able to get to the stylesheet, very helpful, thank you. I’m looking to expand the size of the feature pic and I’d like to add four buttons underneath the primary blog block, or directly above it. I’ve been looking through the various CSS editing tutorials and believe I can do it if I can find where within the string to place the css coding. Also, is there a way to make the sidebar thinner? Just wondering if these changes are possible.

    Thank you,


    Yes, the changes are possible. On the featured pic though, the size for the pic is set in the theme PHP script files. In some themes, the image can be enlarged via CSS, but the problem is you are then asking the browser to do it and the results of that are typically not good. The image will become fuzzy since browsers do not resample the images like an image editing program would, they simply resize it and add or delete pixels ad hoc, sort of. They just don’t have the capability of resizing images properly.


    Understood. Can that be fixed by uploading appropriately sized pics? I’m assuming the less the server has to resize the pic, the less change there will be to the photo when displayed. Regarding the buttons and thinning the sidebar, I believe I know the code to do this, I just am not sure where in the string the code needs to go. I’m looking at it and it’s not totally clear where the code is for the sidebar or where I can place the buttons. Sorry for the continuous thread of questioning.


    You could try that, but in many themes, the featured image has to be a certain size when uploaded or the image will not show at all, or the theme php script files will resize the images to the original sizes. This is one of the weaknesses of the way featured images are handled. Changing the size of them via CSS isn’t really possible – at least not cleanly.

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