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CSS for widgets/sidebar

  1. I am wanting to create an CSS style for my sidebar/header widgets so they do not share the background, shadows, borders, etc that the rest of my content does. I am by no means an expert in CSS, but I am also not a novice. If someone could please take a look and help me with the code and placement (or whatever steps it inlcudes) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't help with CSS editing but this may get you started

  3. Timethief: Thanks for the links. Any knowledge I can get regarding CSS is and will be helpful. I know you said you dont help with CSS editing but...I can write the necessary code but I dont know where to place it. Could you help me with that?

  4. No but hang in there as thesacredpath will rescue you. :)

  5. @cpisar, I'm not sure I'm completely understanding you. Do you want the lined background to only be behind the content, and the sidebar, header and menu has a white background behind it?

  6. Actually, I just noticed that your site is self-hosted and not hosted here at The forum for self-hosted sites is Post over there in the themes and templates forum and hopefully they can help you out.

  7. No. I was wanting to do away with the widget/sidebar styling for specific widgets/sidebars. I am adding a few other widget areas and I want them to have their own styling independent of the theme default styling for widgets/sidebars. In other words, I want to leave the existing styling for some sidebars and use different styling for others. By different, I mean no color background (shows website background instead), no shadows and no borders so that they aren't boxed in and have more of a floating look.

  8. You need to post at the forums, which is the site for support of the self-hosted version of WordPress.

  9. just did. can you help me there?

  10. I'm pretty busy tonight. If someone does not help you in a few hours, let me know. I'm behind on my web client's work and need to get caught up.

  11. Will do. Thanks again.

  12. You are welcome.

  13. Still haven't received any help on my other post. Just reaching out again to see if you could lend me a helping hand (at your leisure of course). I can live with it like it is but it would be nice to accomplish this. Thanks again.

  14. Can you post a link to your post over there?

  15. The questions in that thread relate to custom PHP coding, not CSS. I think you're in good hands in the other forum. Try double and triple checking the instructions drewry gave you. If you aren't able to get the help you're looking for, consider hiring a little bit of design help. Here is a form where you can ask about design services (make sure to note you're using a blog!):

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