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    is it different between CSS and HTML ? can i used my HTML knowledge to write the code in the WordPress blog? if can where can i write those code?



    There’s some stickies in the CSS subforum that you may want to review as well as the sticky at the head of the forums. Might help us help you if you told us what you were trying to do as all we caqn do is guess as to what you mean by “write the code”. For the most part, since this is a shared environment here at wp.com, all we really have access to is the post content as well as the sidebar. But, again, without knowing what you’re trying to do, really can’t answer your question. Please expand.



    if you have purchased css upgrade, you can just cut-and-paste codes without learning anything about it, really.

    this link has links to other threads around the forum where you can copy the css code for certain sandbox skins.

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