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  1. I bought CSS today, and I am really confused. I really wanted my blog to like this site's CSS: , but, I don't know how to make it look like that. Can someone help me or give me the CSS code please? Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The theme is Digg3 Column

  3. I know html, am interested to learn css at some point and found this online tutorial that might help. Perhaps someone can comment on if it would be helpful for wordpress.

  4. Thanks for the reply, but that tutorial doesn't really help. I am still confused? Is there a CSS generator where you can get a code for what you want your blog to look like?

  5. I don't know if it's even right (or respectful(?)) to post someone else css code without their permission so I'd say either contact the site owner and ask for the css code or learn how to do it yourself. It's isn't really recommended that you buy the CSS upgrade without some knowledge of CSS.
    CSS upgrade is limited, the code from a css generator probably won't work here. I'd definitely recommend you learn CSS.

  6. Thanks. I didn't really want it to look just like that, just similar. I will try to learn about it, Thanks again

  7. CSS is CSS, it can be applied the same to WordPress, Habari, Joomla or any website made from scratch. To what apply CSS is a different thing.

    I'm gonna quote the404 again, since I believe his advise is really good (and I'm gonna quote him every time I feel is needed)

    There is no trick. But doing CSS requires an understanding of the markup (xhtml). There is no way round that. The CSS applies styles to stuff. To what stuff depends on the markup. So number one read the source (View Source). Get used to it. Feel comfortable with it. Two. Understand what the heck selectors actually are. Different cats of selectors behave in different ways. SO: this is counter intuitive. To understand the CSS do not start in CSS. Start in the xhtml. Then see how they relate. Its all there. :)
    There are gazillions of CSS tutorials on line.

    The key is right there in what he said. I'd encourage you to follow this advice.

  8. devblog, thank you very much. :)

  9. I am still having a hard time with CSS. I am new to this, and the tutorials do not work (for me) What do I do now?

  10. I don't know what to type in the empty box...

  11. The thing is, there is no official support for the CSS upgrade, and the likelihood of someone completely designing your site for you and then handing you the CSS is basically zero. We can help out if people get stuck on something, but I for one am not going to spend 5 or 10 hours doing it for you.

    Talk to some of your penguin friends that have CSS'd their sites and see if they will do it for you.

    Do remember though that if you have someone else do it for you, you learn NOTHING and you personally gain nothing. If you are going to be active on the web, having CSS skills is a very good thing and worth the time it takes to learn it.

  12. Thats why you need to spend more then 30 minutes trying to learn CSS. It's really no that difficult....maybe you should search the forums or something

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