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CSS Help for new theme

  1. Dear friend,

    I have purchased credits for CSS. What I thought is if I purchased, I can change the theme. But now I can able to change the theme. Please let me know where I can change the theme.

    Help me in this regards.


  2. If you just want a different theme, you didn't need the CSS upgrade. Just go to Design - Themes then select the theme you want and activate it.

    If you want to amend a theme and you have the CSS upgrade, go to Design - Edit CSS and you will see the CSS editor screen. Either paste in a whole stylesheet and check 'Start from scratch' or paste in CSS overrides and check 'Add to existing Stylesheet'. There's an option that lets you view the existing stylesheet and a really useful preview function.

  3. Hi, This is my first installation of a theme and I am confused in that dashboard says I am signed up with Kubiack yet I downloaded liasblueworld.1.1Theme in a zipped file. Please advise.

    John Fraas

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