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CSS help on Cutline

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to CSS and have been trying to teach myself how it all works but i'm not getting very far. My blo can be found here and basically i want to make 3 important changes to the layout. The theme is cutline and i have the css upgrade. If anyone can help me on the following two changes i want to make, i'd be very grateful.

    1. i would like to ultimately remove the fact that it says the name of the blog (The 405) as the name is already in my banner. Preferably moving the banner to where the name is which would solve my biggest issue, the fact that the pages (front page, about, contact etc) are above the banner. I would much prefer the pages to be listed below my banner.

    2. Moving the sidebar from the left to to the right

    Please help!


  2. Yeah, but i can't quite figure it out

  3. question 1: don't understand what you mean. I see only the header.
    question 2: find the sidebar in the css, see if it says for ex. float: left; then change to right. You might have to do some other adjustments in the main column too.

    The net is overflowing with css tutorials. It's not really that difficult, but test, test and test before publishing.

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