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    I selected Ambiru because I want a single-column blog, but very simple. The way ambiru is shown prior to activating, it has a wide main column, which is exactly what I want for mine. I can only change it via CSS, but I’m new to CSS. I played around a bit, and was able to make it wider, but then the header and other parts were out of place. Can anyone help me? footballandeducation.org

    The blog I need help with is footballandeducation.org.


    Change the width in all the following all by the same amount:



    You will have to create a new header and make it 500px + the increase in width and replace the URL of the existing header image with the URL of the new uploaded header image (upload to media library).

    #header {
    background:transparent url(YOUR NEW HEADER URL HERE) no-repeat scroll 0 0;



    Thank you very much. I played around enough, I got it pretty much how I want it.

    But I have another question: how do I get rid of the box at the bottom “categories and archives”?


    Add display:none; to the #sidebar section.



    I got most of it to go away, but there’s still just a little box. I can’t seem to find in the style sheet where to change the code for what’s left of the box.

    Thanks again!



    If you use Firefox, I’d recommend you downloading Aardvark. This is an add-on that helps you identify elements in a web page and what id/classes they have which can be helpful to add/modify the appropriate CSS selectors


    @fandel, add the following to your CSS:

    #sidebar {


    Perfect. Thanks.

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