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CSS inside a post trough the XMLRPC

  1. I have a application that exports HTML containing CSS to a wordpress blog. If I try that on my own blog that I installed on my own server (out-of-the-box) it works like a charm. When I do the same to my blog on it shows the stylesheet as text on the blog, it removed the 'style type="text/css"' '/style' tags.

    Does this have a special reason? Did I forget to switch something on on my blog?

  2. We cannot tell without a link to your blog and the information of whether or not you've got the paid CSS upgrade.

  3. I did not pay for anything, it's a test account.
    So it is correct that my blog does not support CSS?

    Is there any way I can test for that through the XMLRPC?

  4. Your blog does not support CSS changes except in the web-based free Preview UNLESS you purchase the CSS upgrade.

    And sorry, I do not know what "XMLRPC" is.

  5. Thank you, that helps a lot.
    How can one see if a certain account has that upgrade? (for instance on my blog

    The XMLRPC is the interface where you can communicate with the blog from other apps.

  6. If you did not pay for the upgrade, you do not have it. Note that the CSS upgrade here will not give you complete CSS freedom; I recommend you read the FAQ very carefully before attempting to purchase it. It will not allow you to change the underlying theme operation.

  7. It's not that I want to use CSS in my blog but I'm writing a application that exports HTML with a stylesheet attached into a blogpost. So I would like to be able to check if the user that is using my application has a paid account yes or no.

  8. On CSS style sections in posts are removed for security reasons.

  9. Then I'll just disable it for blogs.

    Thanks for the response

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