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    Things are previewing when I insert CSS but when I save the style sheet site it doesn’t update on my site?

    The blog I need help with is liger-design.com.


    I’m seeing the latest code I gave you in your CSS right now using Firebug in Firefox. What code did you insert that is not showing up? Can you paste it here?


    The latest one you sent me isn’t showing up in my Firefox or IE (I have cleared my cache). And the few bits of CSS I tried before that aren’t showing up either bu showed in the preview perfectly. Any idea why I’m not able to see the change? Also tried on my iphone and it hasn’t worked there either. The other CSS I put in earlier was:
    .home .recent-articles, .home .more-articles {
    display: none;


    Definitely still not seen any of the changes I’ve made… I must have a setting that is somehow blocking them??


    I need help with this urgently please, thanks in advance.


    I’m seeing all of your changes in Firefox and in Safari on my Mac. Visit the following links and see if you see CSS. If you do not, are you getting some sort of error? If so, what is the error?



    I can see the code, there are no error messages. I am still seeing the arrows on the site in all browsers and on my iphone. And I had removed the recent articles/more articles part under the slider on the home page which previewed perfectly, but I can still see these too. So strange!


    The iPhone, maybe yes, if you have the “mobile” theme activated at appearance > mobile.

    Are you running through some sort of proxy server?

    Is there another computer that you can try?

    Can you try accessing your site from a different internet provider, such as a hotspot if you have a laptop?

    I’ve now also tried Chrome, and I’m seeing your customizations just fine, just as I do on Firefox and Safari.

    Try rebooting your modem and your computer. Since it is happening in multiple browsers, I can’t think this is a browser cookie or cache issue, but you can also try logging out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again.


    I forgot to mention that your CSS changes will not be applied to the mobile theme, only to the main theme.


    I didn’t know that about the mobile theme – is there any way around that?

    I did what you said, restarted, logged in and out of WordPress, cleared my cache and it is still not displaying. I don’t have another computer I can try on. Is there anything else I can try? Thank you


    No, the mobile theme has to be able to work with all sites here, and it is a little like threading a needle to get it to work with all mobile devices. In other words, it is something that can be easily messed up.

    Could you have a friend or family member that is on a different internet service take a look and see if the customizations are there for them?

    I’ll tag this thread for staff attention, but I’m virtually certain this is an issue with your computer or your Internet Service Provider, or something in between them and the WordPress servers.


    Just got a friend to test it on her computer and she is seeing it exactly like I am! Arrows are at the 2 bottom corners of the slider and there are still the grey boxes that say ‘recent articles’ ‘more articles’ under the slider. She sent a screen grab and viewed it in multiple browsers. This isn;t making any sense – she has never viewed my site from her comuter before?? There is definitely something stopping the CSS from working – I really need to resolve this urgently!


    This is a head scratcher. Where are you located? What country?


    I’m in Melbourne Australia. Could it be that I have somehow inserted code that stops CSS from working or something strange like that? Very odd that it’s working for you though. Aaaarg!


    Let’s try this. Remove all the code you have and paste it into a plain text file for safe keeping and add the following instead (which has a big hammer in the form of the “!important” attribute.

    .home .recent-articles, .home .more-articles {
        display: none !important;
    .entry-meta {
        display: none !important;
    .cat-links {
        display: none !important;
    #slider-prev, #slider-next {
        display: none !important;

    Once again it previewed perfectly, but when I pressed ‘save stylesheet’ and checked my site it hadn’t worked.


    What browsers (and versions of) are you looking at the site in?


    I am using Firefox 19.0.2


    I’m baffled. Perhaps when staff come around they will have some ideas. if it works in preview, it should work when it is saved, and I’m seeing all those changes just fine. It doesn’t make any sense.


    Ok, I really need some help as soon as possible as I have started promoting my site and can’t work on it like this. Thanks for your help so far.

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