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CSS issue

  1. Now I'm trying to change my gallery thumbnail size in Settings>media and it's not updating and I can't tell if it's the same issue or if I'm doing it wrong or if people in other parts of the world are viewing it differently. I can't work like this! I need to know my options because this isn't working for me. Sorry I'm just so frustrated, I'm starting a business and have wasted so much time trying to sort this out - I need a solution! Please help there must be something I can do.

  2. I need urgent assistance with this please!

  3. To make matters worse I have noticed that everytime I go into the site for the first time it does this weird switch between different URL's as it thinks for a while, and I usually have to refresh it before it will eventually go to my site. I want to get all of this resolved today - it is a really bad look for my business. Even if I have to get a refund for the theme purchase and custom design plugin and I have to start from scratch then fine - I just need it sorted. Please advise as this product I have purchased is not functioning as it's suppose to.

  4. Sorry for the delay. I know you're frustrated and I want to help.

    Can you give me more information on this domain switching thing? That doesn't sound right and it might be what is causing the problem you're having. Are you using any extensions in your browser that would affect how your site would load? Can you let me know what the URLs that it's switching between? Any information you can provide on this would be very helpful.

    I have updated your site previously with the CSS code to verify that it was entered correctly, and there really isn't anything else we can do on our end to make the site display correctly on your network. I've had coworkers who are in other parts of the world check your site, and it's displaying correctly for everyone that checked.

    To try it one more time - I removed the CSS customizations and saved the design and confirmed that those items reappeared. I then wrote and applied the CSS again myself and those items are now once again hidden.

    If you can get back to me about that odd URL switching error soon, I can look into that further and hopefully that will fix the display issue.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  5. Ok I'm hoping this will shed some light, I think we might be onto something! I have uploaded 2 screenshots showing what the URL switches between when I try and access my site. It switches between these 2 and When I refresh it it goes to my site using the right url without flickering.

    Also, I tried to view my site from 2 new computers today and it viewed how you view it - that is properly! No idea if this is relevant but all the other computers I have tried to view it on that show the site without the CSS code are laptops... Hopefully you can come back to me soon, I would love to get this resolved! Thanks for your help.

  6. Thank you for those screenshots!

    I had one of our developers take a look at this and they said that it's part of the normal remote login process. By "remote login" I mean that you're logging into our servers to work on your site, which is entirely normal.

    If you don't have cookies enabled, then you'll see that URL switching. It should be pretty fast, but if you have a slower connection, then it will work as you're experiencing. Just make sure you have third party cookies enabled in your browsers and you will be fine:

    As far as your laptop issue - that isn't something I can troubleshoot as I can only provide support for issues on Since you can see the site is working properly now - there is some configuration or caching issue on your laptops that is preventing the browsers from viewing the site properly. It could be anything from browser security settings to anti-virus or anti-malware programs conflicting with your browser. Here's a few resources that might help get you started:

    Best regards!

  7. The only other thing I can think of is that I tried to move the site to and then moved it back to Can you check my DNS to make sure it's pointing in the right place and all those details are correct? I could easily have mucked something up when I tried to do the transfer.

    All the things you mentioned I have already tried!!!! I was really hoping we might have the solution. The site isn't taking too long to load its literally not loading the first time I access it and I have to refresh the page to get it to work. I tried again tonight and had to refresh it 5 times before it would load. Sorry but this is a product that I have bought and now spent way too much time on and it's not working properly. Working on some computers and not others is not good enough. I have checked my ISP and everything is fine there, and my Internet connection is perfectly fast and I have never experienced this loading issue with anyone else's WordPress sites!!! If you are saying you aren't going to do anything else to get to the bottom of this then I would like a full refund for the theme and design upgrade I purchased. The fact that the site has been tested on 3 different laptops that belong to 3 different people using different Internet providers and speeds and they have all encountered the same issue shows there is something wrong with the product - no where does it say your site may not work on laptops - in fact it pushes the fact that this site is responsive across many devices!!!

    Thank you,

  8. I had sent this reply a few days ago but noticed it didn't go through properly - please reply urgently.

  9. I've taken a video today that shows your site loading properly (video only - there's no audio). You may need Quicktime enabled to view it:

    Your DNS is also pointing to correctly:

    Everything points to a problem with your specific machines, which baffles me as to what is going on with them. I have been accessing your site on my laptop this entire time - so it's obviously working on laptop computers. It's possible that your three laptops have overly aggressive security software that's causing the problem.

    I'm sorry, but we can only support the end of things, and both myself and my colleagues are having no trouble viewing your blog with the CSS customizations added - and most of us use laptops.

  10. I have never heard of websites not working because of the same security issue across 3 different laptops owned by 3 different people, I'm sure you would agree that that is not satisfactory for a website? Can I please have a refund of the theme purchase and design upgrade, and I guess I will start again from scratch using a different method :(

  11. I have canceled and refunded your Custom Design upgrade as requested.

    I do not see any theme purchases under your account, and is using a free theme. Did you receive a receipt for a theme purchased?

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