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    A number of weird things are going on, I’m not sure if they are related or exactly what’s causing it.

    1. I pay for Custom CSS. I renewed Custom CSS a few days ago, but it still shows up as expiring May 21 on my console page. My paypall transaction ID for the Custom CSS renewal is 6RB624295K2666923.

    2. My blog does not look right, it’s missing almost all styling information. This may be unrelated to #1 above, it’s odd because:
    a. It’s not May 21 yet so even without my renewal it should not have expired yet.
    b. The CSS is looking so bad that it looks like it’s not even getting the DEFAULT css for my theme (twenty-ten), it shouldn’t look this bad even if the custom CSS _had_ dropped out. (I use custom CSS as additional rules on top of twenty-ten, not replacing twenty-ten entirely).

    What’s going on?
    Blog url: http://bibwild.wordpress.com/



    1. Your renewal was received. In the Upgrades section of your Dashboard, you should see “Expiring May 21, 2012.” It’s listed as expiring, because auto-renew has not been enabled.

    2. Your blog and custom CSS both appear to be fine. Would you please upload a screenshot to your blog’s media library, so we can see what you’re seeing?



    Now my WP _dashboard_ has lost all it’s CSS, and is nearly unuseable as a result.

    So at least I know it’s not just my blog! Everything on wordpress.com seems to be missing it’s CSS to me.

    Is this something happening to more than just me?



    Everything seems to be fine here.

    Can you please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies?




    Thanks! Figured it out — my local network seems to be firewalling access to s0.wp.com, where the twenty-ten stylesheet is hosted. Assuming s0.wp.com is accessible to everyone else, it appears to be a local problem I need to talk to my local network people about.

    This URL is unreachable from my local network, but I think it’s not a general problem, it’s somethign with my local network.




    Unfortunately, that’s only one of the three.

    You’ll want to make sure that your network has access to the following three subdomains:




    Excellent, thanks, I think I have it cleared up. I don’t know why the network people sometimes seem to (from my perspective) randomly block certain hosts or networks, but I’ve got them to unblock these again.

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