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    I would have thought that one of these would work, but none seem to. Any ideas?

    #navigation {
    color: #800000;

    #access {
    color: #800000;

    #menu-menu {
    color: #800000;

    The blog I need help with is splendidafternoonteas.wordpress.com.


    Since they are links, you have to target the link code for the menu.

    #access a {
    color: #800000;

    You might look into the Firefox plugin/add-on called Firebug which allows you to more easily identify what CSS selectors are controlling what in the XHTML. If you don’t use Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer have something similar built into them, but they are a little less intuitive to use.


    Excellent. Thanks very much.


    You are welcome.


    So, this only works after I click the post title.

    #header #post-title #entry-format-link a {
    color: #008000;

    The goal is for the post title to match the site color: #008000

    I tried fewer classes and more specifics, like a:link, etc., to no effect.

    I can see under theme options that the accent color is 080000 and the default color is 990000. Neither of these seems editable in Custom Design>Colors. I would have thought CSS would override.


    Are you still using Chateau?


    Yes, indeed.


    Trying to use the green in both applications.

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