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    Help Help Help please.
    I published my first post with a link to my blog pages a couple of weeks ago. Been away since and just looked to see that the CSS is missing from my work and it looks rubbish and even has parts of sentences missing.

    Before I published everything previewed perfectly, and now it looks like a five-year old put it together.

    I’ve really got the horrors Guys. Can someone explain to me what’s happened.

    Thanks Bonny Reg

    The blog I need help with is humorousscript.wordpress.com.


    You mean your custom CSS is lost ?
    All “old” version of your custom CSS can be found under appearance/custom design/csss/css revisions (top right). Does it help ?


    @bonny, I’m not seeing any obvious places where sentences or words are missing from your post. I do see that the single post page at http://humorousscript.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/introducing-humorous-script/ is showing a black background on the right, outside of the content area, but that appears intentional since it is in your custom CSS. I also see no evidence of missing CSS – or at least not at this moment. I checked in Chrome, Safari and in Firefox.

    A screenshot, uploaded to your media library of what you are seeing would be very helpful, but I also have a couple of suggestions to offer in the meantime.

    First, log out of WordPress, clear your browser cache and cookies and then take another look

    Secondly, try viewing your site in a different browser to see if the issue is related to just the one browser.



    Hi Guys, sorry for late reply. This is what happened. I googled my blog and great joy there it was, so proceeded to have a look and got the horrors when I saw my published post had a plain white background and images and text spread across the page.
    The links to my published home page and another page also revealed no background colors or styles etc. using CSS.
    When all my stuff was at the draft stage it was well put together and tidy. Looks a mess now. I have tried three browsers and cleared cache and cookies.
    In need of some pro-help please……

    also, how would I do a screenshot?
    Thanks BR



    Bonny, I don’t know what your site looked like when you finished it, but here are some screenshots I took showing what I’m seeing.

    Main page: http://flippintestblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/br-main.png

    Main page 2: http://flippintestblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/br-2.png
    Main page 3: http://flippintestblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/br-3.png
    Post page: http://flippintestblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/br-intro-post-page.png
    Crazy page: http://flippintestblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/br-crazy-rhyme-page.png

    If you go to Appearance > Custom Design > CSS tab, in the upper right above the CSS entry area there is a “CSS Revisions” link. You can click that and then click on the latest revision and it will show you any differences between that revision and your current custom CSS. You can do the same comparison with other revisions as well.



    Dear Staff
    and esiledesaulniers.

    Thank you once again for your patience and time with helping me.
    Yep, it seems I wasn’t checking revisions and publish on style sheet properly. I do apologize! This old guy’s been struggling a bit with all this technology – but loving the challenge and seeing the end results.
    I’m going to spend the day checking all this stuff out again.

    Big Regards BonnyReg



    To thesacredpath
    Yeah… the screenshots you have above are correct and how my pages and post looked in preview before I published them. What I cannot understand is, when I open these published pages and post now, the styles are all missing as if the CSS is not being applied.
    I googled my blog from a separate desktop computer and again the styles are all missing as if the CSS is not working for the pages and post.

    I’m excited and frustrated at the same time. I have tried through IE, Mozzila firefox and Chrome but just cannot see the styles on my blog.
    Would be truly grateful if you could tell me how to fix it please.



    Hi BonnyReg, could you try accessing these three links below and let us know what you see? They are three CSS files on three different servers. It sounds as if something in your system is keeping you from seeing the CSS, which is there and is being applied. I checked in Safari, Chrome and Firefox both while logged in and logged out and I can see your site just fine.




    Hi thesacredpath,
    yes the style notepad comes up with all html and css on it but no link to page or posts.


    Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing on your site and upload it to your media library so I can take a look?




    Ok the sacredpath.
    I Have uploaded two screenshots to media library.
    I reduced the sizes, hope they are not to small. If so I will do it again.

    Thank you BR


    BonnyReg, many thanks for the screenshots. I think there is an issue with your ISP or your computer (possibly a firewall issue). Can you try visiting this link in your browser and let me know what happens? It’s the link to your custom CSS.



    If you could also, try temporarily disabling your virus protection and clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then visit your site. Make sure and turn your virus protection back on right after that and before you visit any other websites.



    to the sacredpath. Once again sorry for delay in reply but I’ve been unwell the last few days and cannot find the energy to switch on let alone work stuff out!

    I hope to get back into it in the next couple of days and will contact again then if that’s ok.

    Many Thanks. BR


    If this helps at all, what I see in Opera matches the screenshots that thesacredpath took with one exception. The black background in the shots he took, I see as white. Otherwise, the same.


    BR, not a problem, we can work on things when you are well.



    Thank you baskcabinetry.
    Hi thesacredpath.
    I have followed your tips above and opened the post and pages on chrome with virus protection disabled and cleared browser cache and cookies and still no joy.
    It seems I am the only person who cannot see blog the way it was intended. Ummm… very strange.
    I will look out for your reply and hope you can come-up with something.
    Regards BR



    To the sacredpath.
    Okay, I have some good news. I was accessing the internet via a dongle, and there in is the problem. I tried another dongle on my computers and the HTML and CSS was applied.

    Just have a couple of issues left but will put them back on the forum.

    Once again, thank you for your time.



    Awesome BR,

    Glad it was a simple problem with the dongle and thesacredpath was able to help you out! Let us know if you need anything else.

    Cheers :)

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