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    I just upgraded my Custom CSS option on my WordPress blog. I use Clean Home.
    I had everything all set with all fonts set to Courier New, and as soon as I renewed my upgrade it changed immediately back to Inconsolata.
    The CSS I have added however, is still the exact same as yesterday when I added Courier New.
    Please tell me what I can do to get my CSS chosen font back?

    The blog I need help with is dequelleplaneteestu.com.


    I see Courier New virtually everywhere on your site. Clear your browser cache and force reload your site.


    One issue you have is that your site is so image heavy that it choked my wireless internet service. You have 10 images in the latest post along. I would probably suggest either hiding some of the images behind a read more tag, or perhaps set your site to show only 2 posts per page at settings > reading.


    I actually found the problem just after I wrote this! Ha!

    I had to set my “Custom Fonts” to “Theme fonts”.

    I’ll try 2 posts per page. Not as image heavy as some blogs ^^ Thanks for the advice!


    You are welcome and glad you got it sorted.

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