CSS: Move private post password field

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    I would like to find where I can connect the password field of a private
    post and move it and position it somewhere else.

    I been searching for hours without any luck.


    The blog I need help with is nvbuwqlaj.wordpress.com.


    Can you post a link to an example page showing the password field?


    @philipecr, do you still need help? Can you post where we can see the password field you’re referring to?


    It appears you were unable to send an example link for this issue. I’m going to mark this topic as resolved since there haven’t been any additional replies in over two weeks. If you still need help, please reply back with a link to a password-protected post and set the topic status to “not resolved.” Note that CSS is theme specific, and so confirming an example URL helps make it so an answer can be tested on a live example.

    If you’d prefer to research CSS positioning on your own, you might find these links useful:

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