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CSS not active?

  1. I just purchased the upgrade CSS. I've tried posting my code, but it's not showing a
    preview, much less giving me the option to save changes. What am I doing incorrectly?


  2. Resolved.

  3. HI, I have the same issue on my blog... Podz you wrote to me asking if I'd checked it in more than one browser, andswer unfrotunately is a big yes, IE and firefox both not saving the CSS just like shadow here, although I am seeing the save button it's not keeping my code... Any news on what's going on?

  4. mattevans - I emailed you back again.

  5. Hey podz, I got your mail and replied (sorry but it's redirected from my work address)... Any advice???

  6. @ mattevas
    I suggets you email podz directly at [email redacted].

  7. hey there, I got this solved... I was trying to work on the body tag, which gets stripped allong wiht my comments so my css wasn't showing.

    Other tags are fine. Anyone else having this problem should try targeting their elements directly and perpare to see no comments :)

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