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    Hey all,

    In the past month or so, on every browser on my Mac (Mountain Lion), I can’t see any WordPress-based pages CSS. I can see the layout of a page, but none of the pretty layout (including images).

    I have tied to reset Safari etc. but this seems to be a system wide problem. Any ideas?

    Cheers bros,

    The blog I need help with is darkmooninorbit.wordpress.com.



    Hi Rob,

    Your CSS is rendering correctly for me on Windows and also iOS (I can check on Mountain Lion this evening).

    Have you tried flushing your cache? That might be the reason why CSS isn’t rendering. Also, make sure your browser is up to date (sounds silly but they don’t always auto-update).

    Let me know if that helps!



    Hey Ian,

    Thanks for the response. I flushed my cache on Safari, made sure my browser was up-to-date, tried Firefox and Chrome, no dice.

    The formatting is also off on these forums, too. It’s very strange. Could it be a permissions problem?



    Hey Rob,

    That’s a very strange issue indeed. How about flushing your DNS cache on Mac, just in case?

    This is the link I use to do that: http://osxdaily.com/2008/03/21/how-to-flush-your-dns-cache-in-mac-os-x/

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