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    Will custom css enable me to install the wp-challenge manager which requires php into
    my challenge blog?
    It can be found here http://blog.ricketson.org/2006/word-press-challenge-manager-plugin/



    No, it will only allow you to change the CSS. You’d need a personal installation for any plug-in.

    I’m not fully sure I understand the plug-in, so this may be all wrong – but I think one way to try and do something similar would be to do it by hand using a text widget. Alternatively you could close your post with:

    “If you want to take up this challenge then leave a comment with your name and URL below” and set up an RSS widget to display the http://belindaschneider.wordpress.com/year/month/date/stub/feed/

    For instance if you wanted to auto-list the last comments on your most recent post you’d set up a widget to pull the feed from:

    That would allow you to have up to ten responses automatically listed in your widget. You could give it a title like Current Challenge.

    When you have a new challenge you set it to pull the comments from the new challenge’s comment feed.

    Hope this is of some help.


    Thanks Alunsalt for the quick input. It’s actually for this blog
    http://wednesdaystamper.wordpress.com/ and here we would rather have people
    insert their own links thru the challenge-manager as is done one similar sites.
    But the other sites all went .com eventually. I just don’t want to buy the CSS upgrade and and and then it wouldn’t work. I guess we’ll continue inserting
    the participating links by hand for now.

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