CSS preview does not update?!?!?

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    Sorry to bother, but I have been twiddling with my CSS for about three months or so, and all of a sudden, when I change something and click preview, the change does not appear.

    Every time I need to exit out of my browser (firefox, if that has any relevance… idk) and go back to the preview and then the change appears.

    It is kinda becoming a hassle, but if anybody has a solution it would be very greatly appreciated!
    THANK YOU!!!

    The blog I need help with is goofballwebsite.wordpress.com.



    it happens the same to me, so I have safary insteap, where I can watch changes instantly.
    in firefox it takes some time lately… I donĀ“t know why



    I was having the same issue just now (also on Firefox), but Ctrl + F5 on the preview seemed to do the trick.

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