CSS Preview Doesn't Update & Changes Dont Show!!

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    Hi, I just bought the CSS design upgrade and I’ve been having issues trying to get it to display properly! First off all the colors I choose, don’t reflect the colors that appear as changes and some of the changes I make don’t seem to save or change at all! The preview doesn’t update!!

    Why is this editor so glitchy? For example, I changed the font colors on my Menu navigation & yet the Home link is a different color and I cant figure out how to change it to show like the other links!

    This is very frustrating for a feature that I had to pay for to get! Can someone please help me?

    The blog I need help with is colormecnblue.com.


    It could be your browser. I had heard that Internet Explorer is terrible with these things. Firefox is a lot better. If you have firefox already, I don’t know what could be wrong. Contact support.



    I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Customize tools. Are you having trouble specifically with the CSS editor or with the other Customize tools (such as custom colors and custom fonts) as well?

    Each theme uses a somewhat different structure, so sometimes the CSS used to change one design element will not change other, related elements on the page. That might explain why the CSS you enter is not displaying the changes you expect to see in the preview. In this case, your browser’s built-in Inspect Element tool can be very useful — in most browsers you can right click and select “Inspect Element” to view the CSS being used on the page. In Firefox, I also highly recommend using the Firebug tool.

    We have additional tips for using the Custom CSS tools at these links:

    Custom CSS
    Editing CSS

    Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns about this.



    I’m having similar problems with CSS updates not showing up after they saved. I also had an odd issue where a staffer helped me remove the ribbon (and the top nav in it) from the top of the delicacy theme a couple of months ago. I was working on a page and for reasons I don’t know, the ribbon and the top nav in it are back. I tried to restore the CSS back to April when I got the help, but I can’t get it to work.

    I’m still trying to learn CSS, but I’m not looking to make any other significant changes.

    Can someone please take a look? Blog is fearlesshomecooking.wordpress.com with Delicacy theme.

    Thx so much for any help.



    Hi and thank you both for your replies. At first I thought it could be the browser but I also used Chrome and IE to view the editor as my main browser is Firefox. But I still had to same issue.

    Its the editor tools section that you use to change the CSS visually that does not work properly. To better explain it, when you make a change with fonts or color, the updates to the changes you make do not appear or appear very slowly. Then the second issue I have is you can assign a particular color for the various page elements but the color, even if you use a HEX number, does not display the correct color!

    I had to use Firebug to isolate the exact item I wanted to change and properly get the code to input into the CSS editor manually which I guess Is not a terrible fix but it would be nice to not have to use a third party app to do what the WordPress CSS should be able to do!


    Hi guys, one of the issues has to do with a change we made to how Custom Colors and Custom CSS loads – Custom Colors now loads after the CSS in order to be more consistant.

    Unfortunately, as you’re finding out, this means they can overwrite some of the CSS you were using.

    To fix this you will want to use more specific CSS styles. Check out this handy graphic that visualizes how specific CSS styles override each other. The example on the top left is the least specific on the bottom right the most specific, for the purposes of overriding.

    You can also add !important to the end of each line of CSS. That would look like this:

    h2 a{
    text-decoration: none !important;
    color: #FFFFFF !important;

    I know this can be frustrating, so if you get stuck on anything in particular, please let us know the specific code and I’ll help you solve it.

    Issues with slow loading or previewing in the CSS editor may be unrelated – but let me know if the above information helps make your changes effective.




    Sendingsignal, thanks for your reply. I don’t have issues with custom colors, so I think the fix you provided will not solve my problem.

    Is there any way someone can take a look (fearlesshomecooking.wordpress.com) and help me get rid of the ribbon with the top navigation that’s reappeared. I was all set to make the blog public and this happened.

    Thx so much.


    Hello corollamom3,

    Are you referring to the Toolbar that you can use to make new posts? If so, you can disable that for yourself in Edit User. It’s in the dashboard under Users > All Users, and then click on your user name. The option is “Show Toolbar when viewing site.”

    This won’t, however, disable it for any visitors. When someone is not logged into WordPress.com, they won’t see it at all, but when they are logged in, this is where their admin bar information shows – so you would be disabling their controls for the site.

    I didn’t see any other top navigation on your theme, but let me know if you’re referring to something else and I’ll see what I can do!



    Hi sendingsignal. thanks so much for the reply.
    I don’t think I’m referring to the toolbar to add posts.
    The ribbon in Delicacy also has the top level navigation, which another staffer showed me how to remove. I also got info on doing a side navigation using a custom menu, which I’ve started to do with the About and Contact pages.
    Everything seemed fine until the other day, when for some reason I can’t figure out, the ribbon with the top level nav showed up again underneath my custom header.
    I hope I’ve given you more helpful info, as best as I can describe it.


    Hi Corollamom3,

    I do understand that the Delicacy theme you are using on fearlesshomecooking.wordpress.com does come with a banner-like top navigation by default, but I’ve looked through every page of your blog (even your saved draft) and and I really don’t see it.

    It looks to me like the display: none; you have set in your Custom CSS is working correctly. Was it showing for you just the other day or is it still showing at this very minute? Maybe there is something quirky going on with your browser’s cache?

    Can you try a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5 on pc, Command-R on an Apple) and see if that helps load your updated stylesheets?



    As a general followup to everyone, I wanted to note we reverted the change in response to your feedback. Thank you for pointing out the difficulties with it.

    The intention behind the change was to help users who mistakenly copy the entire theme stylesheet into the custom CSS editor (which has the potential to confuse beginners since they don’t do the right modifications after copying and they also don’t understand how the custom CSS affects custom colors).

    While we’re constantly trying to improve, your feedback is very valuable on juggling various bugs and user customization problems. It seems that the right call here is to bring in the Custom CSS you all worked so hard on last to make sure it is applied reliably.

    CSS editing should be as it used to be now, and you no longer need to add any extra !important tags that weren’t there before. If you did add these tags, it shouldn’t be causing any problems, but let me know if you see something wonky!




    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the suggestion to do a “hard refresh”. That seemed to clear up the issue! I appreciate the help very much.



    Great Nancy! My pleasure.

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