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    Hi all,

    I’ve been playing with editing CSS on a dummy blog http://localktest.wordpress.com . I’m new to CSS but have read all the CSS-for-dummies posts and reviewed a few tutorials.

    Problem: Even when I make simple, one-line changes, for which I know the code is correct, because I lifted it from the answers to previous forum questions, I do not see the correct changes using Preview, even when forcing a refresh. No changes were visible in IE; when I switched to Firefox, I would see the first change, but if I made any subsequent changes, they would not appear.

    For info, I’m currently playing with the Bueno theme and attempting simple changes like header font, font size, font color, etc. I have not pasted the entire original code into my CSS box; simply adding changes. Unfortunately, not seeing much, so I do not know if it is browser-related, Bueno-related, or Preview-related.

    Also, I do realize that there is not staff support and that (clearly-good-karma-blessed) volunteers stop by to help out. Any advice would be much appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is localktest.wordpress.com.


    The preview thing has been messed up for a couple months, but typically if you force refresh the preview page it will show your changes. Since you are using a test blog, you can also just save the stylesheet and then view the blog normally in a new tab or window if the force refresh isn’t working.

    What I do is make the change, click the preview button, wait for the preview page to load and then click refresh/reload. It virtually always works for me.

    Since I had never had this issue until a recent round of browser updates, and based on some other tests, it seems that the issue might be that even FF and Safari are now using cached pages far more often rather than retrieving the page again to make things faster. IE has always hung onto cached pages too tenaciously, but until recently FF and Safari did not.



    Thanks, SacredPath.

    I have not bough the CSS upgrade yet, as I wanted to see if I could even understand enough to make changes first, which eliminates the “save changes” option (but I guess I could always buy it and get the refund if I decide not to use it). Seems like an easier way to go about it than clearing the cache every time (oi).

    Thanks again,


    You’re welcome. I’m not sure if staff can do much about the issue now that the recent crop of browsers have changed.

    You might contact staff directly and see what they say.




    There is no staff support to help you write your own CSS. However, if the preview isn’t functioning properly for you, please contact us


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