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CSS problem, i think!

  1. I inserted a jpeg into my CSS and it messed my entire format up. I have deleted the entire format and started over, but it still doesn't fix the problem. I am pretty sure my picture was too big, but I need to know how to get my css back to the original format?

  2. I think a blog url would be useful so that we can see for ourselves. That makes it easier to help you. So please put a link to your blog inhere? :-)

  3. Always, always keep a saved copy of the CSS you're happy with before making changes. Then you can just go back and paste that in and click "Start from scratch" and it'll restore it back to the way it was.

  4. To restore the theme to it's pre-CSS-editing state, delete all the CSS out of the CSS editor (save it in a text file on your computer before doing so). Select "Add to existing stylesheet" and click "Save Changes".

    Note: Selecting "Start from scratch" will ignore the theme's original stylesheet and only use what you put in the editing window (so quit it with that, Rain ;-P).

  5. D'oh! Well since he hasn't posted back, maybe he didn't read that. All I know is, that's what I do: I am a bare-bones cut and paster.

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