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    I’m using a Black-LetterHead theme for my site. My WordPress is the latest version.

    I have tabs on my site that allows readers to search articles by certain tags and categories. What I would like is to change how it looks when on the specific category/tag archive page.

    For example –
    Category – http://summoningspirits.net/category/news/
    Tag – http://summoningspirits.net/tag/feature/

    I want to remove the headings “Archive for…” and “older entries” function across all the category/tag tabs. Also I’d like to move the feed up and match the spacing as I do on the home page feed for example – http://summoningspirits.net/ I’d like everything to look the same.

    I’d appreciate anyone’s help and input



    The blog I need help with is summoningspirits.net.


    You’re using a wordpress.org self-hosted site. This is a wordpress.com forum. You will find help there : http://wordpress.org/support/



    @elisedesaulniers: It fooled you because you can’t see the footer credits but it’s not a self-hosted site. If you visit a blog while logged-in and you see your admin bar at the top, it’s a wordpress.com blog no matter what the footer says or doesn’t say.

    @antiarnadubh: Before we help you with your questions, you need to restore the footer, as removing the credits is against the ToS. See #11 here:
    Also, in the future make sure you post CSS questions in the CSS forum, not the Themes forum.



    It’s not self hosted. I didn’t remove it, the theme was already like that. I did post it in the CSS forum too but I posted it here aswell because I wanted this answered asap.

    Thanks for the help???



    Sorry, yes, strangely you haven’t removed the credits yourself: it’s WP’s fault! (Probably because the theme is retired, so they don’t give it attention any more.)

    “I posted it here aswell because I wanted this answered asap.”
    Doesn’t work that way! You get an answer when someone who can give it happens to see your question. Posting a duplicate doesn’t make this any faster; it might even result in the exact opposite result, because it’s annoying.



    I don’t really care if you’re annoyed, you can easily just ignore it. If you want to help that would be great if you want to be a pain then don’t reply.



    I’m another Volunteer who does not help with CSS editing. However, be aware that I’m willing to report your ToS violation unless you restore the footer credit links ASAP.

    11. Attribution. Automattic reserves the right to display attribution links such as ‘Blog at WordPress.com,’ theme author, and font attribution in your blog footer or toolbar. Footer credits and the WordPress.com toolbar may not be altered or removed regardless of upgrades purchased. http://en.wordpress.com/tos/

    Custom Design – Frequently Asked Questions
    May I remove credit links such as ‘Blog at WordPress.com’, theme, font, or toolbar links?
    All WordPress.com bloggers are required to maintain the credit links, even our VIP bloggers. Please do not hide or alter text or links for the footer credits or the toolbar. Modifying the style of the footer text (i.e. colors and font size) is fine as long as it’s still readable. http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/#frequently-asked-questions



    OMG! I’m sorry. Justpi is right. You didn’t do the removal of the footer credit links – WordPress.com Staff did.



    I was pretty close to sending a not so pleasant reply to you, glad you wrote to me first haha



    I reported the situation to ToS Staff and also tagged the thread, so Support Staff are aware of this removal of footer credit links issue on retired themes like Black Letterhead.



    Again this wasn’t my fault so my site should be okay and not removed?



    Thanks for reporting this issue. It looks like the footer credit is being hidden by the theme’s CSS. I’ve reported the issue to our team so they can look into it.



    I’ve had over 5 people tell me that and email me about it, I’m pretty sure I get the picture.

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