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    I’m currently considering getting the CSS upgrade. I have very little experience so I plan to play around with the preview and gradually build up something before I do.

    I came across this site: http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/enormous/ so I downloaded this and copied the contents from the style.css into the preview but it turns out quite differently to what this website shows it as. This is probably due to the fact the code references several images included in the zip, so how would I go about adding these to the css sheet, host them and then provide a link?

    Could I use a program like dreamweaver (or something else) to make modifications and then generate into css so wordpress can use it?

    The blog I need help with is shane3x.com.


    The main problem is, CSS is theme specific which means the CSS for one theme will not work with another theme. Each author decides what they are going to name the selectors and how they are going to organize the markup (XHTML). Unless the CSS you found is specifically designed to work with one of the themes here, you can’t use it.

    As far as the images, you would have to download them from their site, upload them to your media library and then use the URLs of those uploaded images.



    Do you know of any place with css templates I could use/play around with that work with the themes we have available?


    The CSS would have to be specifically for a theme here.

    There are some for Sandbox, but Sandbox is a complete blank slate and not a good place to start for beginners.

    If you want to play around with Sandbox and some skins, you can google “sandbox skin” and you should get a number of hits.


    You know my suggestion is to start with one of the themes her and work with the CSS on that theme making changes. That way you always know what it is supposed to look like and it will be easier to see your changes.



    Dois-je automatiquement payer pour modifier ne serait-ce que la largeur de la colonne principale et la police des titres?

    Ou puis-je apporter quelques petites modifications tout en conservant le thème tel quel?


    Voici un lien aux forum français


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