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CSS question about editing


    I want to convert all the green, orange and red stuff in the theme to blue. How do I do this (I have the CCS upgrade)? I have looked at the style sheet and can't find the right code to change.


  2. which parts specifically?
    for the menu, you'll probably want to go get the blue images from the standalone version:

    upload them to your blog through the Write page, and then change this code to match their location:

    .menu li a {
    	.menu li a.first_menu {
    	.menu li a.last_menu {

    as far as the rest of it, just go through the source code of your blog and find the elements you want to change, e.g.:

    .description, #sidebar h2.title, #content .postmetadata a { color: blue; }

  3. thanks SO much. I can't find those codes in the style sheet anywhere though - that may be my problem! Do you know how to reduce the height of the black bar above my header and get rid of the 'edit' and 'categories' bit from under posts?

    thanks again.

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