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  1. I am trying to customise my CSS (and have paid for the upgrade) but nothing is happening when I alter the css in the customise box. i hit save and the code remains, but the blog remains totally unchanged. This is SO annoying - what am I doing wrong?

  2. Have you cleared out your browser cache and done a forced reload of your blog page? That often clears up these issues. As well, there was what appeared to be a synchronization issue last night which meant that some changes didn't show up for an hour or so.

  3. i have got one simple thing to update - i think it must be something wrong with how I'm editing it: how much code do you need to copy from the style sheet and then alter?

  4. i usually copy all of the code from the stylesheet, if i'm starting from scratch. if you're editting one thing, you don't need to copy any of the stylesheet, you can just put your edit in.

    sometimes the various datacenters are out of sync, and wind up deleting your edits. if your problem continues, you might want to try editting your CSS again in a few hours.

  5. yeah i've tried copying the whole lot across, but it completely mucks up the whole page - everything goes crazy....

    what i really want to do is change all the green, orange and red stuff into blue but can't find the right code to alter.Any ideas?

  6. i replied in your other thread

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