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    Hi , i am trying to make some changes in my blog and i am not so familiar with the CSS code.
    The theme i am using the the BOLD NEWS and i have the following questions:

    1) How i can make footer static….i.e. when the page scrolls the footer to follow
    2) How i can add an active link to the header so each time you click on the header to get you to the URL destination and preferrably openning a new window
    3) How i can show the number of comments in each post in the home page?
    4) How i can have an image widget static (only one) meaning that scrolls along with the rest of the page.
    5) Is there any chance to link the background picture i am suing with a URL, meaning that if the reader clicks on the background picture to be diverted to the linked URL

    Apologies for the too many questions though i am new in the “CSS code ” world and i need to customize my blog
    I appreciate that somw of the questions may have been asked before though i haven’t found any relative topic , so if you know the url of a relative topic just paste it as answer and i will read it.

    Many thanks in advance , and please help

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