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Css rookie with a classic question

  1. whiskeydrummer

    Hey all, new here.

    I went ahead and found the Green Stream theme for my site at I know nothing about editing, and I usually look for examples to help me figure it out. Right now, I'm looking to edit the style of the title and tagline in the header.

    I understand that this is usually done in the stylesheet css, but I haven't found any examples of this theme that help me to customize the header.

    For now, I'd be happy changing the font size and style of both the title and the tagline, but eventually I"d like to design an image to put in this place.

    Any suggestions where to begin?

  2. You're in the wrong forum I'm afraid. This forum is for those using the free-hosting service. Since you are self-hosted, and using software downloaded from - that we are not familiar with - you need to inquire over at .

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