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CSS Simple(?) Help

  1. I am able to edit my CSS and have my site almost the way I want.
    I have only run into one problem. There are white lines in the background
    where all I want is the blue (or whatever color that is).

    Here is my code:

    body {
    font-family:"Marker Felt", "Trebuchet MS", Utopia, "Times New Roman", times, serif;
    padding:5px 0;

    And my site is:

    If anybody has suggestions or other forums to go to I would appreciate help.

    Thanks you,


  2. Which white lines do you mean? The grid pattern? That's in your image.

    If you mean something else, please could you be more specific.

  3. Thanks for the response rosclarke. I got it figured out.
    I was trying to get rid of the white lines in the grid pattern.
    I just cropped my picture more horizontal than vertical and
    it seemed to fix the problem.

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