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CSS Style Sheet Editor not showing

  1. Hello -

    I purchased the CSS editor last October and never really had a chance to use it. Now when I go to the edit CSS tab, I do not see the CSS Style Sheet Editor. Is it not supposed to be there for one year after purchase?

    Any ideas?


  2. what do you see when you click on edit css? it's just supposed to show a blank box; that's where you're to insert the css stuff.

  3. I see the default box with the
    /* Welcome to Custom CSS!

    .. message.

    I viewed the style sheet code and pasted it into the the editor and it shows there, but I get a

    Preview: you must purchase the Custom CSS Upgrade to save your changes

    .. message.

    It seems that my credits have expired or are not associated with my account any more.


  4. *Edit*

    Nevermind...if you have the CSS from this past October and it is not working, send in a feedback to the staff and they should be able to fix you up!


  5. Thanks, Trent. I sent my concerns via the feedback button on the Edit CSS page.


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