CSS Stylesheet Editor ignores stylesheet.

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    Generally the whole copy and paste has been working for me, the odd colour change there I can do, but for now I’m still very much a newbie here (but willing to learn).

    I’ve been trying to make this theme work:


    Unfortunately, when it comes to saving, the preview before it only shows a single column, no format blog.

    Thanks for any heads up you can give. Apologies for this newbie post, I know I shouldn’t even be asking about CSS editing as that’s like for pros.



    If you have a WordPress.com blog (free) that theme will not work with it. You can choose a theme by going into your Dashboard then Presentation/theme viewer.

    If your blog is WordPress.org (self-hosted, costs money) then you can get help there.



    {wave to ellaealla}
    The support forum link is http://wordpress.org/support



    {tt} Thanks for the full link.
    (o/t and apologies in advance, but next time you’re in my neighborhood, would you leave your url pls?)



    Ah, thanks for that.

    I think I’ll just try to resort to CSS editing Andreas04 into the “Pool by Borja Fernandez” colour scheme.

    All I’m really after is that total width format (that optimises itself for what every length on the display, as opposed to the narrow ones) but with a white background.

    Every attempt so far is far from bearing fruitful results, lol.



    I have left a message on your blog :)



    Something I don’t understand:

    If I post the CSS from one of the Dashboard themes, it also looses all the format and turns into one column.

    Is the 15USD upgrade to edit CSS only useful if I was to have been using the non-free version of WP? (It was somewhat of an odd decision to go WP, I was at the typepad page, it wouldn’t let me sign up so I just went WP instead)



    @mynokiablog – I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re doing in the first part of your question and which theme(s) you’re pasting.

    As for your second point, CSS is very valuable for the free version because it enables you to change the look and feel of your theme. For instance, my theme started out as Misty Look and I love the page structure but wanted a radically different look, right down to how links appear. Changing the background’s a snap. Mine was grey/blue but I made it black and now I made it white.

    @timethief – got it.



    @ ellaella

    I thought since the themes = their CSS codes, I could just copy the CSS code and paste it and the whole theme would change.

    It happened before with a theme I d/l, but not with all of them. Some of them, the format is as how the preview shows on Theme Sites and some just become one column. I guess this is just my “blogspot-paradigm” of how theme installation works. lol.

    Anyways, did more reading up and I understand now the whole difference between this and self hosted. Well, at least I hope I do.

    Is it possible to “upgrade” to self hosted WordPress? Like in a few months time when I hopefully will get used to the free version, can I just upgrade thus keeping my posts or would I have to start on the self hosted version right now? Either that or just go with typepad (10GB Bandwidth for pro? I exceed that with photobucket. I’m assuming that’s more than plenty for a blog?)


    You can download a free template from http://wordpress.org and then import your wordpress.com blog contents into it. There are even those who will undertake the installation, import, plugin installations and theme cutomizations for you for a reasonable fee.

    But to be clear this is not “upgrading” because wordpress.org and wordpress.com operate on different software. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/07/wordpresscom-vs-wordpressorg/

    There are advantages to obtaining a domain name and hiring a web host for your own wp installation. They are:
    1. Customization – templates may be edited and custom themes can be used
    2. Plugins
    3. Versatility and flexibility
    4. Email Ownership and automatic reader notification of new posts
    5. Possible Monetizing



    Themes do not actually equal their CSS. The way the themes work is hard-coded, so you can’t really change the functionality.

    Downloaded WordPress.org software is free. It’s the hosting you’d have to pay someone for.

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