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    I bought the CSS editor and found the theme I want. But I can’t get it to work. I downloaded the theme and uploaded all the pictures and replaced the urls. What am I doing wrong? Here’s the layout I am trying to use click here.
    Also, this is probably make me sound stupid, but it says you need wordpress 2.0…. do I have that?



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    Theme is not the same as a CSS skin.

    Whatever CSS you are trying to use has to match the theme you are applying it to. IE: switching your theme to Sandbox to use a Sandbox CSS skin.



    okay…. well, I have no idea which one to use then. Do you know where I can find skins for particular themes? This one doesn’t say which one to use. I tried it on sandbox and it didn’t come out right.



    Which layout are you trying to use?\

    You may want to skim the CSS subforum as that’s where we’ve been posting sandbox skins.

    I knew we should have taggged them better. :)

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