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CSS Tips for those without the CSS Upgrade

  1. This thread gave me the idea of creating a blog with CSS tips for those who don't have the CSS Upgrade but would still like to spice up their posts, widgets and other elements.

    Feel free to check it out, and if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @devblog,

    This is a great idea. I'm sure there are many people who will be interested in dramatically changing the appearance of their blogs without the CSS upgrade. It always seems like a magic trick when these things work!

    Your posts/sample codes are very clear, and your examples are effective.

  3. Thank you, Tess.

    Hopefully, members will benefit from this blog.

  4. Yes, who does not love magic!! Especially when it really works.

    I can think of several things you might cover. Panos has taught me a great many techniques, and your approach is from a different starting point.

  5. That IS an excellent idea. I still know less than nothing about CSS, but keep meaning to dip my toe in it.

  6. @devblog
    Thank you - thank you thank you. I'm putting your new css tips for those without the css upgrade on my blogsurfer, and I'm adding it to my links too. :)

  7. @devblog
    Great idea! I'm putting your new blog on my blog surfer and I'll also include it in my links.

  8. WTH? The 1st comment didn't t"take" so I thought - oh well. :s

  9. Thanks all.

    If there's anything you'd like to learn, let me know by writing a comment in the blog (I'll soon set up a contact page so you can better contact me); if I know how to do it, or if it's doable using inline CSS, I'll gladly write a post/tutorial/tip about it.

  10. This was a great idea devblog. I'm going to link to it on my .COM blog as well.

  11. Thanks, TSP!

  12. You're welcome.

    I'm doing a "getting started with CSS" type of post for timethief's one cool site, and I'll give you a link there as well. I'll also point to your skins page.

  13. Oh excellent! Thanks devblog!

  14. Thanks DevBlog. I don't know much about CSS. This would help me a lot:)

  15. Thanks devblog

  16. Cool stuff! Thanks, devblog.

  17. justjennifer, squintingeyes, moreblacklace: You're welcome.

    I have a few tips that might be interesting to some (especially to those who have photo galleries), so keep checking.

  18. You're welcome, buyathread.

  19. pornstarbabylon

    Here's my question. The only thing holding me back with buying any of the upgrades is I fear personal information landing out there for the world to see. I know buying a domain through WordPress will show all of this. But would any of the other upgrades like CSS and space upgrades also be posted on WhoIs or anywhere else? Thanks!

  20. But would any of the other upgrades like CSS and space upgrades also be posted on WhoIs or anywhere else?

    No. CSS is just code. It doesn't hold any personal information.

    What kind of services/upgrade you have paid to is between you and them, and that info is not (and shouldn't) be available for the world to see.

    Unless you have your own domain name, if you "whois" your blog, since it's a subdomain, the information that will come up is wordpress' not yours.

    Give it a try, whois your blog:


  21. pornstarbabylon

    Thank you! I just feared that because of using a credit card like with a domain, then there goes your privacy. I've thought about a CSS upgrade but always shyed away from it. I know this one girl who months ago, because she bought a domain that didn't have the privacy option, had her name, address, phone number, and a picture of the outside of her home posted on a forum by her haters.

  22. No problem.

    If you ever decide to buy your domain name, check out. They're very good and have a privacy option except for .us TLDs. Personally, I have registered me domains with them since 1999 and I have no complains at all.

  23. nice ones

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