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    being quite unfamiliar with CSS, I was looking for help–I need to increase the font size (and maybe even the font type) in the main text of each and very post. The CSS changes I introduced, modifying what was provided in the style sheet, merely changed the fonts and font sizes on the front page of the site, or just the titles and author/date info on blog posts, but not the text of the posts themselves.

    Can you tell me what I need to do?

    Thanks and best wishes.

    The blog I need help with is zeroanthropology.net.



    Hi there,

    This is an example CSS to change the font size on paragraphs inside a post, it works on the homepage and single post page and everywhere else.

    .content .hentry p {
        font-size: 16px;
        line-height: 1.75 !important;

    (I’ve added the line-height part to make things more readable)

    You can then use .content .hentry as the starter of the selector to style everything else in the post: blockquotes, lists, post titles, dates, and so on.

    So, if you want to style the blockquote, for example, you’ll use .content .hentry blockquote as the selector.

    Hope this helps!



    I just realized that you already mentioned not being familiar with CSS.

    In that case, post specifically what you want to modify here (for example, ‘I need the post date to be smaller’), and some of us here will help you with the specific CSS for it.


    That’s wonderful, many thanks for the great help. Yes, it worked. I was unable to find a similar question in the support forum, so I very much appreciate this, and the quick reply.



    Happy to help!

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