CSS to replace header image?

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    I’m in the process of modifying the Digg 3 template. I was wondering if there’s a way to completely override or remove the header, including the RSS feed buttons and search bar. I just want to have my own title image there.

    My blog is http://chocolateandwhine.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is chocolateandwhine.wordpress.com.


    Adding a ” display:none; ” declaration for #syndication and #searchbox gets rid those two elements, but the grey bar remains, which is according to the source code div id=”header-overlay” although I’m not seeing the gif in the CSS there.


    Thank you, that helped a lot.

    I don’t suppose you could help me with something else?

    I want to expand the content width, but when I do that, it leaves a lot of extra space between the post and the right sidebar. Do you know what I need to change to expand the post area so that there’s equal space between that and each sidebar? I want there to be a 10px margin between each sidebar, but I’m confused on which “narrowcolumbwrapper” to change or if that’s even the right thing to be looking at. I want the post area to be at least 500px wide.



    how to add picture into css?


    @zakarsih, we need a link to the blog.

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