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    Hi all, a newbie’s question,
    I have applied Rowling theme in a free WordPress blog.
    It automatically take the first post image and shows it as thumb in archives.
    Everything works ok, no problem!

    My trouble starts at making posts locally and bulk upload them with .xml files.
    I actually use free version of WP all import (no image support in free mode)
    but this is fine as long as I link to my images hosted in external server.
    In local WordPress installation (Bitnami) I keep a copy of online blog.
    Browse and test posts locally and then uploading some posts together.

    Tried to modify functions.php and all other web found suggestions but
    I know nothing on coding and messed it rather than fixing it.
    Also, no (free) plugin did the job as long as I want this option
    to auto bulk work and for older, actually for all posts published.

    If I understand correct, there is a possibility to add some lines at CSS?
    Also tried some but failed to find the correct one. (talking for local copy of blog).
    Can I ask for the lines of code needed to add in CSS,
    or any other action required to enable
    showing first image of post as thumbnail locally?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is thestuckpixelproductions.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    Please note that the CSS modifications will only work on your local WordPress installation. If you want to mirror those in your free WordPress.com site you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium, Business, or eCommerce plan. You can read more regarding the CSS upgrade here:


    Also, note that only post, pages, and media files will be imported from your local installation to your WordPress.com site (no CSS, or theme changes). There’s no way to sync them due to the way WordPress.com is designed.

    If you like to be able to sync between your local and your live site, then using the WordPress.org software and hosting your site elsewhere might work better for you. You can read more about all those differences here:



    Thank you fstat for answering.

    I understand the difference, I just need (for the time) to check posts
    with external linked images locally before uploading and it is frustrating
    that I cannot achieve this. Thank you for the link, I will start studying right away!

    Thank you and for the second link, although using the free plan, I believe WordPress
    as the most solid option and just hope to manage to upgrade to Premium some day.

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