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    I have just read the post written by macmanx, and have to say that everything he mentioned is relevant to my own problems with the css upgrade. Why do wordpress think that everyone has a master’s degree in the mine field of HTML and CSS editing. Simple instructions and a video on how to use the CSS editor on wordpress.com would help those of us that are new to the wordprocessing world, and encourage
    more new recruits in the process.
    I have html and CSS books strewn across the floor, and have trawled YouTube for days to find a visual on editing CSS on wordpress.com – but they are all focused on wordpress.org.
    If there is a Video on how to apply CSS to my blog pages, would someone please point me in the right direction.
    Thank You.

    The blog I need help with is danphillips51.wordpress.com.


    Great suggestion! I will add a video soon.

    At WordPress.com, you can add CSS using the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page in your blog dashboard.

    This page may also be helpful, in case you haven’t seen it already:


    May I ask what post by MacManX you saw? Can you link it?



    Yes indeed inquiring minds want to read that post. Please provide the link.



    Hi people, and thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I got the members name wrong that posted the remarks that I followed up on. It was from mhijplisbon – POSTED ON May 30th 2011, at 2.24am. – and titled – UTTERLY CONFUSED, POINT ME TO HELP PLEASE.

    Sorry about the delay in reply; been practicing night and day on wordpad++
    Regards – Bonny Reg


    I tried searching Google, but I couldn’t find the post. If you have a chance, try copying the link for it starting with http:// and sending it back in a reply here. If it’s a pain, don’t worry about it though. :)



    Thanks justpi!



    You’re welcome – although I don’t think the link is useful.
    In my opinion, such complaints derive from misunderstandings re the nature of CSS editing (for instance the fact that it’s theme dependent or that it often requires some inventiveness). As I wrote to another user about an hour ago, there are various manuals but in the manuals you can’t expect to find direct answers to questions such as “how do I change the layout of threaded comments”.

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