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CSS Uneditable

  1. Hi, I am trying to edit the CSS of my page---and have been doing so without any problems---but suddenly the box CSS is no longer editable. I can click on/collapse elements of the code, but I can't change anything or enter any text!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having the same problem.

  3. Sorry I should have been more clear: The box where you edit the CSS displays, but I cannot add/edit any of the text within it. (I have paid for the Custom CSS package, and had been editing my css without any problems until a few minutes ago when suddenly it stopped letting me do any edits.)

  4. @marunr glad to see I am not the only one!

  5. I just changed computers and have the same problem here too. The text is all black, instead of colored like normal. I wonder what's up.

  6. Me too. I was editing the CSS last night and left the CSS editing page open. This morning I used that page to edit the CSS and it worked fine, but now that the page has refreshed it no longer works.

    WordPress must have changed something system wide, so switching it back should be easy as long as they know what they did. Not sure why it takes so long to fix.

  7. Can you believe it. The second I post something here it starts working again. Thanks WordPress.

  8. Mine works now too.

  9. Just seeing this now. Thank you for posting about it. As you guys already noticed, It was found and fixed yesterday.

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