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css upgrade

  1. studiopoliedro

    I paid for a css uprade, but i cannot seve the modifies I did.The window with the button "save stylesheets" does not appear.
    What can I do?

  2. What do you see when you go to Presentation-->CSS? What are your options there?

    Can you give us a link to the blog as well? Also: when did you pay for the upgrade? Most of the staff are asleep right now and it could take a few hours for it to process.

  3. Hi studiopoliedro, what's the blog you paid the upgrade for? I'm seeing that you bought another upgrade yesterday but no CSS Upgrade for

  4. studiopoliedro

    I paid for the 30$ upgrade, i bought it 1 hour ago. when I try to modify my css I can only see the preview, but I can't save my work...

  5. Which blog are you having a problems with?

  6. studiopoliedro

  7. Aha! You had, in fact, bought the unlimited private users upgrade instead of the CSS Upgrade. I've changed it to the CSS Upgrade and credited your account with the difference.

    Hope that sorts you out :)

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