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CSS upgrade--after it expires?

  1. My CSS upgrade will be expiring soon. Will I lose all the changes I have made to the underlying CSS and everything will revert back to the basic template, or will everything just be "frozen" as is, and I will simply be unable to make new changes? (I will likely renew anyway, I just want to know what my options are!)

  2. From memory, you will lose your changes and it will drop back to the basic template. If you want to keep them, I suggest paying up.

  3. As ozrisk said the options are: pay to renew the css upgrade hosting; or see the blog revert back to the basic template.

  4. Thanks. Grrr, but thanks.

  5. Actually I think that it's clear that all upgrades apply only to one blog and for one year's duration.
    From the css upgrades

    Purchasing the upgrade entitles you to edit CSS on one blog for one year.

  6. No, timethief, it's clear from that quoted bit that I would no longer be able to edit the CSS after the year is up, not that my edits would be lost. Hence my question.

  7. Hmmm ... it's interesting that I read it to mean that if you don't pay to renew your css upgrade every year, then your css edits will be history as the blog will revert back to the basic template.
    Best wishes and will you please mark this thread as "resolved"?

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