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CSS upgrade and credits

  1. Hi all,

    Just my fiance and I were considering about upgrading to the CSS features, and we want to know, if we subscribe the credits for a year what happens after that year when we have no more credits, does the blog we have altered using css still remain the way it is or will it get defaulted back to a default layout?

    Thank you

  2. It will return to the default layout. The $15 per blog is only for 1 year's service and after that you can renew each year, or not.

  3. atlanticgardens

    How disappointing.

  4. $15/year isn't exactly expensive, though

  5. Well you could always get a decent host for about $100 a year. Compared to $15 a year, I'd say it's pretty cheap.

  6. For under $30, you can buy a domain, have it parked here at and edit your design.. thats a pretty good deal.

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