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CSS upgrade, home page design, Imbalance 2

  1. I've tried reading the guides & documentations but I must not be reading the right ones or not really understanding it.

    I would like a step by step guide create my homepage to look like home page on :

    I'm not sure if I created the home page correctly from the start.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site you mentioned is customized and there is not really a step by step guide to show you how to update your blog to look like exactly like someone else's who has used the Custom Design upgrade to customize the look of their site.

    What we can do, however, is help you learn what CSS you need to add to make specific changes. For example, here are two past posts that make similar requests:

    To make the built in header image in Imbalance 2 full width, see

    To make the top navigation menu in the Imbalance 2 theme horizontal instead of vertical:

    For other issues, please post a new thread in the CSS forum for each one.

  3. Thank you for the links.

    I'll try this suggestions and see if these fixes will result in the home page I was hoping for. I'll let you know.

  4. Good luck! I know you made several changes before, so you might consider making a backup of the CSS you have now and then delete it from your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page and try out the examples in the other threads one at a time.

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