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    Hi folks.

    After switching to the Elegant Grunge theme, I got the CSS upgrade to tweak the font. But as soon as the upgrade went through, much of the style disappeared from the theme.

    I had the CSS upgrade a couple years ago but let it lapse because I was satisfied with that theme. Perhaps the new upgrade ignited the old CSS.

    Is there any way to get the original Elegant Grunge CSS back?

    The blog I need help with is humboldtherald.wordpress.com.


    Canceling the CSS upgrade restored the style.


    I expect what you did was to paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window, and that does not work here, especially with themes that have images. Image URLs in the CSS are relative URLs, such as /image/pic.jpg. Since your CSS stylesheet is saved in a different location from the original, that means that all relative URLs are broken.

    With CSS at wordpress.COM, what you want to do is to put into the CSS edit window ONLY the specific selectors and definitions you are adding or changing and make sure that “add to existing…” is selected before saving or previewing. What happens when you do it this way is that your CSS is added to the end of the original and will override the original CSS as required.


    Thanks for your response.

    The style changed as soon as the upgrade went through, before I made any change to the stylesheet. Canceling the upgrade restored the style.


    Hmmm, it should not have unless one of the following happened.

    1. You had “start from scratch…” selected on the CSS edit page but had not added any CSS.

    2. You had pasted the original stylesheet into the CSS edit window.

    If neither of those was the case, then this is the first time I’ve ever seen this happen.


    Option 1, “Add this to the Elegant Grunge theme’s CSS stylesheet” was checked by default.

    Is it normal for a a cancellation of the upgrade to restore the style? I wasn’t sure it would work but am glad it did!

    Anyway, reader complaints prompted a switch to a different theme because Elegant Grunge doesn’t enough contrast between links and the background color. That could have been fixed with the CSS upgrade but that didn’t work out.


    I’ve just never seen this happen. Had you been playing with any CSS before buying the upgrade (was there anything that had been put into the CSS edit window?

    Generally if there is nothing in the window (other than the informational text that is there by default) then there is nothing for the CSS upgrade to apply to the site, and even if there was, unless the “save stylesheet” button were pressed, nothing would be applied.

    Yeah, elegant grunge doesn’t have the best contrast. I kind of like the theme, but I would have to do some tweaking before I could use it myself.


    I might have been tweaked the CSS before buying the upgrade, but you can’t save until after you make the purchase.


    That is true. I’m perplexed.



    I’ve certainly never heard of this happening. Staff need to be alerted ASAP because we have a lot of people who buy the upgrade and hope to learn as they go along. Contact them via your dashboard Help button.


    Thank you both. I contacted support.



    this exact same thing just happened to me. Were you able to find a way to get this resolved?



    Please report your issue to Staff as humboldtherald did http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    I can;t even figure out how to “cancel” custom CSS – point me in the right direction?



    Hi again,
    I did a search for “Cancel custom css” > http://en.support.wordpress.com and this is the result. :)

    I purchased the CSS upgrade and changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
    Yes. Please check our refund policy on upgrades. http://en.support.wordpress.com/upgrades/#refunds





    This is because the replacement CSS is using the wrong paths for the images. Elegant Grunge uses relative paths to its image resources, because the css files are kept in the same place as the images. If you move the CSS elsewhere, then it’ll try to access the image resources in the same folder as the CSS files, which obviously won’t work.

    You need to make the image paths absolute, instead.

    This means finding all references to images (e.g. url('images/header-repeat.png')), and replacing the path with an absolute path (e.g. url('http://s0.wp.com/wp-content/themes/pub/elegant-grunge/images/header-repeat.png')).



    Michael, this worked. Thanks to all for the quick responses :)



    Thanks so much for sharing the solution. I’m bookmarking this thread. :)

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