CSS Upgrade – Not giving me a payment option!

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    I’m trying to renew my CSS upgrade but the screen doesn’t give me a payment option. If I click on “Upgrade” on the top of the Add New Post page, it shows my subscription is expiring, but when I click on the blue renew button, a screen comes up and shows the same amount as the renewal under WP.com credit balance. If I click on “Purchase with WP.com credits” I get the following message at the top: not_subscribed: This blog is not subscribed to some of these products. Did you mean to purchase them? with no other payment options showing.

    I’m at a loss as to how to renew my CSS upgrade!


    The blog I need help with is nouveaustitch.wordpress.com.



    Contact staff directly at http://support.wordpress.com/contact



    I HAVE! TWICE! Still no response. Can’t somebody take my money before I lose my blog!!! I’m getting steamed!!




    Copy all your CSS changes to a plain text file just in case (you should do this anyway)

    Your blog will not go away if the CSS is not renewed – it might look not the way you want but your content should be safe.

    Check your spam filter – many replies from the Staff have went into peoples spam filters.

    The staff are the only ones that can help, nobody in the Forum has access to the back of your blog to take your money. I have always found the staff to respond in a timely manor – it looks like your problems started on Friday and they might have a light staff count over the weekend. The longest it took for Staff to respond to a question I had was I think 18 hours.

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